Pietersen joins India tour and bemoans local gambling laws

So, Kevin Pietersen is back in the squad; no doubt the England selection committee believe that we can’t do without him, but is that the right decision? After all that he did in the summer, sending texts to members of the South African team criticising England captain Andrew Strauss – and suggesting to them ways in which they could bowl him out – was a despicable act. Surely England should expect loyalty in the face of the enemy; in war he would have been shot for carrying out such a treasonable act.

Are they certain that, given the right circumstances, he wouldn’t do the same thing again? He has shown that he is not a team player, and you can’t win consistently unless you are pulling together as a team. No man is an island – that is unless you are Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff – but that is another story; he wasn’t just a great player, he was a great team player and a great motivator and mentor.

Andrew Strauss was one of the best captains that England has ever had. His form might have suffered of late, but he knew what it took to put a team together and how to keep it motivated. Under his leadership England became the number one team in the world; now that he has gone, and Pietersen certainly played a part in his going, there is a strong possibility that England will go down.

The problem with touring India is that gambling at a real or online casino is against the law across most of the country and it is punishable by up to three months in an Indian prison; not a pleasant prospect, and we know how much our cricketers enjoy a little gambling and are quite adept at casino games. Despite this ban it is estimated that 40% of people who use the internet in India visit gambling sites of one kind or another and they can use for example Canadian online casino sites instead. Their primary form of gambling is sports betting on cricket and horseracing, though Indians also enjoy lottery games, which is good, as many Canadian online casinos offer them.

Gambling is allowed in Goa and Sikkim which have 12 and 1 casinos respectively. Sikkim has applied for a number of licences for online casinos, but so far its applications have been rejected.