Better Chance of Making Profits with Live Cricket Betting

Cricket betting has been around for a long time and live betting has been booming the later years thanks to various online betting sites. As the name suggests, live cricket betting allows bettors to place bets while the cricket match is going on. Running bets offer a better chance for the bettors to make profits as you have a chance to assess the innings of a team before placing a bet. This is a very good option since someone with a deep understanding of cricket would be able to beat the statistical models employed by various sites. Cricket is an unpredictable game and sometimes the computers that are analyzing the games on the spot are not able to fully gauge the little nuances. This is where you can get huge returns on the bets you place.

Live cricket betting is more commonly known as In-Play betting on online betting sites. There are a lot of things that you can bet on such as the score of current batsmen, team score, score after a specific number of overs and mode of dismissal. In-Play betting can be considered as the most beneficial for cricket aficionados since you are able to take a calculated choice after finding out how the pitch is behaving and how the team is playing. Another advantage is that you also get more markets to bet on as compared to before the match. This means you will be able to place a bet on something that you are more comfortable with.

The bookmaker normally tends to change the odds as the match progresses, so the odds may go lower or higher as the match continues. Now, you may think that this gives you an advantage with respect to match betting before the start of the match. The thing is that you would be able to better predict the final outcome or player performance better than any statistical model. Let us say you have a favorite to win the match, but the odds are lower at the start of the match. Let the match begin and wait for the odds go up during the match which is often the case in almost every match. Hence, you can still earn more by placing the same bet that you would have placed before the match.

It is important to do your homework well on the teams that are playing. You should know the ability of the players so that you can make positive expected value bets on the live cricket betting markets. Let us say there is a top batsman but it is not in form currently, then it is probably better to see how he is doing in the match. If he is still struggling then you can place a bet on him to score less.

The good part about live betting (and betting in general) is that you do not have to bet if you are not sure if it will be a good bet or not. You can always sit on the fence and wait for the next opportunity, there will always be a cricket match to bet on.